Founded by owner Mathew Neilson, MATBLAC is the product of Mat’s ongoing obsession with design perfection.

For longer than he’s willing to admit, Mat’s been fascinated with crafting, stitching and designing leather goods. As a boy tirelessly tinkering on his family’s sewing machine, Mat scrutinized every stitch, finessed all functionality and sketched thousands of different designs.

Over seventeen years each product became a little better, a little smoother; perfected. And while streamlining these designs has been his life’s work, the process has stayed much the same.

Japanese scissors and blades have replaced kitchen cutters, and German machinery has been a welcome update of the Neilson family machine. And his workspace? Now a beautiful, plant-filled studio at the foot of Table Mountain.

But as for the rest, every single design is still hand sketched, and every piece of leather still selected, cut and crafted under his watchful eye.

And sure, this takes time. It's not the easiest way or the most economic, but it's the right way.

My Guarantee to you

I have high expectations for our products, you should too.

Below you'll find all the legal stuff, however if at any point you dont feel like you're holding the best of the best, please contact me at so we can make it right.

-Mathew James Neilson



National (Within South Africa)

All orders are shipped via complimentary overnight courier. We often ship on the day you order, mostly the next day, rarely the day after.


Orders ship within 3 working days. Airmail delivery is 2-3 weeks depending on your local customs office. Speed Courier takes 2-3 working days.

Corporate Orders

We design and manufacture corporate gifting. We specialize in orders, so you can hand your stress to us.


We offer a 12 month warranty on manufacturing defects, please get hold of us as soon as an issue arises so we can make it right with a repair, refund of exchange depending on the cause & extent of the defect.